CONTI+ products in public and commercial areas and hotels

An extensive product portfolio for sanitary rooms to three major areas of application:

Commercial and Public Facilities

Semi-public and private facilities

Health and medical facilities

Commercial and Public Facilities

Robust, hygienic, durable, reliable, economic


In regularly-frequented public showers and washrooms or in demanding commercial facilities, the requirements for sanitary equipment are particularly high when it comes to robustness, durability, simple operation and safe functioning.

Saving water and energy, along with reducing maintenance and operating costs, are common requirements today. Meanwhile, meeting the highest hygiene requirements in both the commercial and public sectors is of crucial importance. In this respect, the drinking water installation as a whole must be taken into account, from the water supply line through to the water distribution and the water delivery point. Varied, speciallydeveloped products and solutions are required in order to comply with legal guidelines relating to ensuring impeccable water quality, depending on the location and purpose of use. Higher-level intelligent control, monitoring and logging of sanitary facilities in showers and washrooms is becoming increasingly important.

Comprehensive CONTI+ system, concept and solution portfolio

With the shower and washroom, CONTI+'s hygiene concept offers additional services when it comes to the hygienic requirements of a drinking water installation.

· Shower systems in surface mounted and concealed versions with a hygienic flushing function and thermal disinfection along with integration into the CNX watermanagement system
· Shower heads, shower sets, Kneipp equipment
· Touch-free wash basin taps in surface mounted and flush mounted versions with hygienic flush function
· Self-closing valves with running time limitation
· Single and multiple washbasins as well as barrier-free washbasins in standard dimensions or made to measure
· Sanitary equipment, such as soap dispensers, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, WC equipment
· Urinal fittings for flushing all common urinals
· CNX water management system for managing, configuring, operating and logging devices via tablets, PCs and smartphones
· Dosing systems and special disinfectants for prevention, operation and renovation of sanitary facilities
· Terminal filters (ultrafiltration) for safe prevention of contamination (e.g. legionella) of drinking water

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Semi-public and private facilities

Design-oriented, hygienic, user friendly, reliable


Aesthetics in both semi-public and private institutions form a crucial component and calling card. The demand for a successful blend of form and function is high, and creates a challenge for operators and owners alike. Simple and safe functions, as well as low costs over the entire life cycle, are also essential requirements in semi-public facilities. The hygiene requirements and legal standards are largely identical to those in the public sector and in this respect smart control, monitoring and logging of shower and washrooms play an increasingly important role. Low installation costs and keeping maintenance and operating costs to a minimum are also of great importance for semi-public facilities.

For private applications, fault-free reliability in over the long term and maintaining an immaculate appearance form top priorities.

Suitable equipment

When it comes to appropriate sanitary facilities in washrooms and showers, suitable CONTI+ sanitary equipment is a must. CONTI+ fi ttings with intelligent sensors, attractive design and sophisticated LED lighting concepts create a hand washing experience that pleases all of the senses. Touch-free technology allows simple operation and ensures hygiene and cleanliness. The water-saving implementation also saves costs for the operator. Attractive mechanical design fi ttings complete the range for every requirement, from upscale hotel and private bathrooms through to guest toilets. Washbasins have a signifi cant impact on the effect of a sanitary facility and therefore also qualify as an architectural design element in themselves. Standard versions and custom-made ergonomic forms adapted to the room deliver comfort and convenience at the washbasin. Soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, hand dryers and toilet brush sets from CONTI+ can be matched in both material and style, complete the design-oriented sanitary room.

Comfort solutions

CONTI+ electronic and mechanical shower designs have been tried and tested across several product generations, ensuring long-term functional and operational reliability. Hygiene fl ushing and thermal disinfection fl ushing are part of their standard functions, guaranteeing safe enjoyment while showering. In addition, all electronic CONTI+ showers and fittings can today be networked and easily confi gured, managed, and monitored, and the execution of functions logged using the CNX water management system.

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Health and medical facilities

Barrier-free, hygienic, user friendly, reliable


The sanitary equipment in hygienically-sensitive wash and shower areas, such as in hospitals, nursing homes or medical practices, places particularly high demands on cleanliness and ease of cleaning. Regular hygiene fl ushing and thermal disinfection, as well as special touch-free functions, are benefi cial as they help to prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria. Electronic valves can help ensure automatic hygiene functions and in modern plants are networked using a CNX water management system for management, confi guration, control and monitoring.

Intelligent valve and water management system portfolio

The hygienic operation of CONTI+ washbasin taps is made possible by touch-free IR sensors that detect the user and control the water fl ow. Practical additional functions, such as regular, automatic hygiene fl ushes, the setting of water follow-up time or a "pause" function for undisturbed cleaning, ensure maximum convenience and hygiene at the washstand. The CNX water management system also ensures the higher-level management, setting, control, monitoring and logging of all CONTI+ electronic valves.

Washroom solutions

Equipment in modern rest rooms must be accessible and usable for people with disabilities. Barrier-free CONTI+ washbasins comply with this requirement. The convenient wiping edges of the CONTI+ StoneTec washbasins demonstrate our expertise in hygiene. The design of the washbasin taps – no standing water column in the unpressurised area – guarantees full exchange of water in normal use. The lead-free water fl ow of CONTI+ shower and washbasin taps inhibits bacterial growth and meets the requirements set out by drinking water standards. The 12, 24 or 48-hour hygienic fl ushing function of the fi ttings prevents the growth of germs and the formation of legionella in the water pipes.

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