CNX Water-Management System

CONTI+ Network eXchange (CNX)

The CNX product series – new, top-of-the-range, modular and electronic. Proven CONTI+ showers, as well as lavatory faucets and urinal flush valves from the CONTI+ range, can all be linked to networks.

Intelligent technical building systems that can connect and control components of the drinking water installation are becoming ever more important.

The CNX controller enables the centralised control of up to 150 devices within a range of up to 350 metres.

Via wireless operation, using the tablet included in the standard delivery, it is possible to change settings, call up status information, activate individual and group functions and access recorded data. Reports are saved in PDF format and can be printed and sent easily.


Wireless Water Management

The web server integrated into the CNX controller provides a user friendly overview of all networked devices in the building. Devices that have been linked to the network can be located and controlled via a WLAN connected tablet or laptop, either individually or in groups. Current operating status, forthcoming action and notifi cations are all clearly visible on the display. When online, each faucet receives updates automatically; when offline, updates can be implemented via tablet, for example. All internet-enabled devices can be operated via web browser, regardless of the operating system installed.

CONTI+ CNX Steuerung über Tablet

Advantages of CNX Water Management System:

• One controller for up to 150 devices Integration of electronic devices from the CONTI+ range
• Generous network topology (up to 350 m)
• Electrical installation – low cost, in a linear, star or tree layout
• Based on stable KNX technology
• Tablet included with intuitive, straightforward user interface
• Data transferred via LAN, WLAN (BLE Bluetooth Low Energy in development)
• Lifecycle data storage
• Reports in PDF format, saved to SD card
• No loss of data in the event of a power cut
• Supports and ensures correct operation within the drinking water installation
• Protected against short circuit and reverse polarity
• Easy integration and installation tailored to individual requirements; user-friendly service

CNX Water Management System applications

Especially suitable for buildings that require drinking water installations offering high functionality and levels of hygiene, such as:
• Swimming pools
• Schools and sports arenas
• Army barracks
• Hotels
• Doctor‘s surgeries, hospitals, care and retirement homes
• Drinking water installations in the commercial sector and administrative buildings
• Sanitary facilities with specific nonstandard operating requirements

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