lumino+ lavatory faucets

lumino+ lavatory faucets 1lumino+ lavatory faucets 2lumino+ lavatory faucets 3lumino+ lavatory faucets 4
lumino+ lavatory faucets 1lumino+ lavatory faucets 2lumino+ lavatory faucets 3lumino+ lavatory faucets 4

The end of long lines! The unavoidable long lines on central water heating are slow: Until achieving the desired water temperature, several litres of unused water get lost. Therefore Conti offers the economy lumino lavatory faucet in combination with an electronic instant water heater. Only really desired water flows and warm water gets produced directly under the washbasin - water flow only if required, but as long as necessary!

This well-thought-out combination is superior to a usual hot water boiler. Specialty of lumino: The touch-free lavatory faucet shows the current mixing temperature with a light-ring which changes the colour from blue to white onto red. Hand washing environmentally conscious and comfortable - a modern pleasure, which reduces water- and energy costs.

Less water. The water saving results of the sensor faucet function: Water is only flowing, when the user holds their hands under the leakage, where it is engaged from the sensor. During soaping the water flow stops automatically. This saves up to 70% because the water flows mostly unused on (manually faucets). The combination lumino lavatory faucet and electronic instant water heater saves even more, because of providing warm water directly. Compared to a central warm water storage, the user often waits until the desired temperature is reached. During this time there is unused water run off. There is additionally a flow adjustment as well as a economy aerator for water saving.

Less energy. The economical water heater in the mini format - depending on the capacity of 3.5 up to 6.5 kW from a mounting depth of only 80 mm and a height of 132 mm - has an energy-efficient bare wire heating system. Other than a hot water boiler it does not consume standby power as well, the radiation losses are much lower. The biggest advantage, compared to the central water heater, is that the water is heated directly at the point of need and only to the necessary temperature. This eliminates storage and transmission losses in the form of wasted heat.

More comfort and hygiene. The reliable function and easy, touch-free operation of lumino faucets brings contemporary comfort in public and commercial washing areas. The light-ring as a temperature display lets the user intuitively know whether to expect cold or warm water. The user can correct the mixing temperature before water sampling. In combination with the water heater hot water is immediately available. Thereby a scald protecting is warranted on the faucet and water heater.

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