Corporate milestones

Corporate milestones

1974 Established as "CONTI Armaturen GmbH" in Wettenberg

1996 Takeover by Fischer & Kastner Armaturen GmbH, change of name in CONTI-efka Sanitärarmaturen GmbH

1998 Fusion of CONTI and Fischer & Kastner in CONTI-efka Sanitary Fittings GmbH & Co. KG

1999 Acquisition by Aalberts Industrie in Langebroek (Netherlands), assigned to the Broen Group in Denmark

2001 Transfer of the laboratory-, emergency- and eye-shower trade to efka GAM
Subdividing CONTI into the VSH Group in Hilversum

2004 CONTI registration as a GmbH and subordinated to Aalberts Industries Germany

2008 CONTI was submitted to the Simplex Group within Aalberts Industries Germany

2014 Acquisition by the Swiss FORTUNA GROUP

2015 Merged with HighTech Design Products AG, Munich

2016 The CONTI+ brand is made from the CONTI brand