Why stainless steel?

Why stainless steel?

Whether for the semi-public, commercial or private space for fittings or accessories - stainless steel the highest standards of design, robustness and hygiene meet in the washroom.

Compared with other materials, stainless steel is extremely resistant to household chemicals, vandalism and fire. He is a neutral color and can be combined with other materials and colors, is easy to clean and therefore hygienic.

Stainless steel is fully recyclable 100% and thus significantly reduces the environmental impact.

How is stainless steel best cleaned?

Who has to clean stainless steel, which should be without necessarily aggressive cleaning agents such as chlorine or hydrochloric acids as well as grinding, abrasive or polishing agent and scratchy sponges or the like, so as not to scratch the surface.

A mixture of vinegar and water with a soft cloth, apply lime away and is a cheap alternative to expensive cleaners.

After cleaning, it is advisable to first rinse the material with clean water and polish afterwards, because it is less sensitive, and the surface gets an extra protective coat.

Who maintains its stainless steel surfaces regularly will prolong the enjoyment of the noble optics.