Stefan Buchsteiner takes over the management of marketing, product management and customer service.

With immediate effect, Stefan Buchsteiner is responsible for Marketing, Product Management and Customer Service at CONTI Sanitärarmaturen GmbH. The 58-year-old industrial engineer has many years of international management experience in marketing and product management and has worked for Honeywell, BDR Thermea and Buderus Heiztechnik, among others.

He succeeds Andrea Heiner-Kruckas, who is leaving the company at her own request. Andreas Kregler, Managing Director of CONTI Sanitärarmaturen GmbH: “We are very pleased to have won Stefan Buchsteiner, a proven marketing expert for this important position. He will continue the work that Andrea Heiner-Kruckas has successfully started in order to establish the CONTI+ brand even more strongly as a reliable partner for planners and installers in the future. We would like to thank Andrea Heiner-Kruckas for the very good cooperation and wish her all the best for her private and professional future."

Guide to shower specification for public buildings

Guide to shower specification for public buildings

Whether for a leisure centre, workplace, hospital or university campus accommodation, a myriad of options are available to architects, specifiers and facility managers when considering a replacement or new showering system. Take a look at our guide to help you understand the different elements which need to be carefully considered.

1. Who is using the building?

CONTI+ electronic showers

The essential question to ask before anything else. Who is going to be using the showers? The needs of users can vary dramatically: How many users do you expect? Are they likely to have less manual dexterity in their hands? Is the space susceptible to vandalism? Is it in a building such as a prison which requires an anti-ligature solution? Is there a risk of flooding?

2. How about maintenance?

CONTI+ CNX Watermanagement System

The second consideration is around maintenance. All public buildings require careful monitoring and control of water systems in order to ensure drinking water safety. How will you manage that? On-site facility teams may consider a manual process of maintenance where a hygiene flush, for example, is actioned directly on each shower unit but for larger buildings teams may prefer to invest in an intelligent control system which will allow them to make changes and check the system remotely. Another consideration is the installation; using a shower panel to replace an existing system may make it easier and quicker to conceal any previous damage to the walls whereas a new build may allow for a concealed shower system with pipework neatly trunked into the wall.

3. What risks are involved with shower systems?

CONTI+ CONPRIMUS shower system

Make sure to specify systems with anti-scald protection offering increased safety in the case of cold water system failure or pressure fluctuations in the cold/hot water system. Our thermostatic options give complete reassurance, particularly for buildings such as care homes and healthcare environments, with an automatic reliable shut-off. The risk of water contamination is also possible without regular processes in place to avoid any build up of stagnant water and consequential water-borne infection such as legionellas. For highly sensitive areas, the patented CONTI+ CONPRIMUS has been engineered to reduce the length of internal pipework with a water inlet directly next to the shower head, giving no place for stagnant water to rest.

4. What smart innovations are available?

CONTI+ CONGENIAL water inlets

Modularity is built into our water inlets which power all our shower systems; whether it is a shower panel, concealed shower or exposed shower. This smart innovation allows shower systems to be easily adapted, such as an upgrade from mechanical to electronic control, or the addition of a thermal disinfection option, giving complete freedom to building managers to make changes over time, dependent upon the user demands, without having to completely replace the entire system.

5. Are they reliable?

CONTI+ reliable showers

At our facilities in Germany and Switzerland we don’t just assemble the products, we also manufacture the elements which gives us complete control of the quality of our products, from component to assembly, so you can be reassured that they will work, every time. After all, the post gym shower is an essential element of the user experience which gym owners and leisure centres, in particular, provide.

6. Which options will help me reduce water usage?

CONTI+ CNX Watermanagement System for reducing water usage

For buildings with multiple showers and washrooms, a comprehensive programme to manage water usage is essential. Water usage can be controlled in a number of ways; limit water run time through sensor controls or push valves, install flow limiters within the shower heads and measure water usage through a water management system such as CNX allowing you to make adjustments with ease.

7. How can I find out more?

CONTI+ brochures to find out more

Let us help guide you through our extensive shower solutions and share our technical expertise. Browse our NEW Shower Room Solutions brochure to discover more, send your enquiry to info[at] or ping us a message on any of our social media channels. We’re here to help!

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Guide to touch-free faucets from CONTI+

Guide to touch-free faucets from CONTI+

Investing in touch-free faucets can bring significant benefits to both building managers and users, from saving water to keeping washrooms hygienically clean. Over recent times their rise in popularity has been significant, but what do you need to know about touch-free faucets? We’ve collected together some of the key considerations.

1. How are they powered?

CONTI+ electronic faucets

As an electronic device, all touchless faucets require power to operate. There are a number of options available:

1. Mains power, this is a permanent installtion with a hardwire to the main electrical circuit. The benefit is that this power source never needs to be replaced however alternative power sources would be required in the event of a power failure. Installers will need to utilise the expertise of an electrician in order to make the 230v/6v connection

2. Battery power – check batteries are readily available and how long they are expected to last. CONTI+ faucets use standard AA batteries which usually last around 4 years

3. Solar power – boost the power of your battery by utilising solar power. You don’t need to be in bright sunshine! Power can be obtained with ambient interior lighting. This usually extends the battery life to around 10 years

4. Turbine power – harness the power of water with a built in turbine which recharges while the water is running will extend the power of the 4 x AA batteries to eight years.

2. What smart innovations do you have?

CONTI+ ultra with countdown timer

How about a countdown timer to make sure hands are washed for the recommended length of time? An option on the CONTI+ Ultra.

3. Are they reliable?

CONTI+ faucets

At our facilities in Germany and Switzerland we don’t just assemble the products, we manufacture the sensor controls which gives us complete control of the quality of our products, so you can be reassured that they will work, every time.

4. Are they easy to install?

CONTI+ faucets - easy to install

Our touch-free faucets are extremely easy to install, no special skills are required other than connecting a hot and cold water supply. A retro fit to remove and replace existing traditional taps can be completed with ease. No requirement for mains electricity is necessary as many of the CONTI+ faucets are available as a battery version with an extraordinary 4 year life expectancy on the batteries due to its unique and patented technology (based on a user turning the tap on up to 150 times a day). And with the CONTI+ ultra you can access all working parts from above making maintenance simple!

5. How safe are they?

CONTI+ lino AS L13 anti scalding

Our thermostatic options give complete reassurance in spaces such as kindergartens and accessible bathrooms with an automatic reliable shut-off. The patented, thermostatically controlled anti-scalding protection of the CONTI+ lino AS L13 offers increased safety in the case of cold water system failure, shutting off the hot water supply in accordance with EN 1111 after a maximum water flow of 300 ml whilst pressure fluctuations in the cold/hot water system are also balanced out.

6. How do they compare with manual or self closing faucets?

CONTI+ faucets performance check

Check out our chart for a quick view of the benefits for each of the different faucet types, with outstanding performance on hygiene, watersaving and ease of use for touchless faucets.

7. How can I find out more?

Browse our brochures on for more details or send your enquiry to info[at] or send us a message on our social media channels. We’re here to help!

CONTI+ wall mounted faucets

CONTI+ ultra faucet

CONTI+ lino AS anti scalding

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Perspectives: on 2020

The shock of 2020

In an unprecedented and unexpected year, Robert Summer, Head of International Sales, CONTI+ shares his Perspective: on 2020. During December we’ll be sharing more Perspectives: on 2020 on our social media channels from our partners and colleagues around the world. Follow us there!

Many words have been used to describe the situation we collectively have found ourselves in during 2020. Unprecedented. Extraordinary. Monumental. But for me, I would use the word shock.

How quickly the world which we knew changed. Just in January we had our Global Sales Team together in Wettenberg for the 2020 kick-off meeting and whilst we followed the details of the pandemic with curiosity, I think we can be honest and say none of us predicted just how extensive

the reach would be of the virus and how quickly our lives would have to adapt to lockdowns, self-isolation and zoom calls.

CONTI+ sales meeting 2020

Photo: International Sales Kick Off Meeting January 2020
l-r: M. Isbasceau, G. Mauerhofer, P. Musgrove, F. Roitner, R. Summer, A. Heiner-Kruckas, A. Kregler, J. Tay, U. Klümper, A. Müller, J. Pillai

We think we know everything. We can walk on the moon, we can connect 4.6 billion people through the internet, drive the biggest and fastest cars and yet actually, in this moment in time, we knew nothing. Nobody had prepared us for this.

Meanwhile, as an organisation we found ourselves in an arguably blessed situation, where our challenges ahead lay in meeting demand. Hygiene has been at the heart of CONTI+ for many years, long before the coronavirus, and thanks to the philosophy of our Board we were able to make significant investments in capacity, component stock, raw materials and people in order to meet that demand. Was it perfect? Probably not, but all our teams from product development to production to purchasing stepped up to the challenge which we knew faced us. And at this point we truly recognised the value in our supply chains and the relationships which have been developed over the last 40 years as CONTI+ has continued each year to grow.

CONTI+ investing in new products

Photo: Investing in new product development and training during 2020

Yet as we reflect on the year, I feel it is a time to reconsider our values. What have we learnt? What is actually important to us? Trust and fairness, for me, has to be top of the list in order to behave responsibly, reflecting our long-term values. As an organisation, we continue to meet the hygiene demands of our colleagues around the world but also, mindfully, look towards the next challenge of sustainability. This topic can no longer be ignored. We work with clients in Qatar and South Africa, for example, who on a daily basis have their lives impacted through restrictions on water usage. In the same way as during the pandemic , they have adapted and changed their habits and science tells us that it is only a matter of time before more areas of the world are significantly impacted through water shortages. What can we do both individually and collectively? We know, for example, the government in Singapore, with their reputation for the highest levels of hygiene, have recently stated all public buildings must have sensor controlled faucets to combat infection and in my view, the same will come with watersaving measures being introduced by governments around the world. Meanwhile, as we wait for change from governments every one of us can change our personal habits by turning off the faucet while we spend our 20 seconds handwashing.

CONTI+ save water

Photo: Save up to 70% water with sensor controlled faucets, or simply turn off the faucet

Looking towards how 2021 will look for us, it is definitely challenging to plan ahead when so much seems uncertain, yet one thing we can be sure of is our passion and drive to continue to work with the very best partners around the world and whether we meet face to face or continue our calls online we will continue to keep talking, finding reliable solutions whether driven by hygiene demands or water saving.

Meanwhile, we’ve also been talking and listening to those around us, both within CONTI+ and throughout our global network of Authorised distributors in order to gain a perspective from across the world. Join us on our social media channels to see Perspectives: on 2020 from across the world including India, Norway and Italy. But, please, share your thoughts as well, there are many different perspectives on 2020 and it’s really only by listening that we can truly learn and grow.

All the best for 2021. Stay hygienic, act sustainably and stay safe.

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CONTI+ lino AS L13: new washbasin faucet with thermostatic anti-scalding protection

02.12.2020. The faucets in the CONTI+ lino family are characterised by their modern design, water saving automatic shut-off technology and convenient operation. Thanks to their clear design language and high recognition value, the 60+ versions from the lino range are ideal in combination with one another, providing an optimum solution for every application area. The new CONTI+ lino upright faucet for washbasins with thermostatic anti-scalding protection can also be easily

integrated into existing installations without creating visual disharmony. The patented, thermostatically controlled anti-scalding protection of the lino AS L13 offers increased safety in the case of cold water system failure, shutting off the hot water supply in accordance with EN 1111 after a maximum water flow of 300 ml. Pressure fluctuations in the cold/hot water system are also balanced out. The infrared sensor faucet can be adjusted for a temperature range of 15 °C to 40 °C using the small lever on the right-hand side. Thanks to its maximum mixing temperature of 40 °C, the CONTI+ lino AS L13 offers a sensible way to protect against scalding, especially in accessible bathrooms and other areas with vulnerable users (kindergartens, homes for the elderly, etc.). A further benefit for installers: since the thermostat is already built into the faucet, the CONTI+ lino AS L13 is very quick and easy to install.

CONTI+ lino AS mit Verbrühschutz

Photos | Copyright: CONTI+

The CONTI+ lino AS L13 with thermostatic anti-scalding protection is now available in chrome as an upright faucet for washbasins. It works in either mains operation or via a 6 V battery and can be networked with the CNX water management system and with the CONTI+ Service APP. These systems enable central control and monitoring of hygiene measures such as thermal disinfection and time-controlled sanitary rinsing.

Sensible protection: the new CONTI+ lino AS L13 with thermostatic anti-scalding protection is particularly suitable for use in kindergartens and accessible bathrooms.

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CONTI+ strengthens product management and customer service

24.11.2020. CONTI+ Sanitärarmaturen GmbH has two new staff positions to report: on 1 November 2020, Michael Fink (37) joined the faucet manufacturer’s product management department. A state-certified technician for HVAC & plumbing technology, he has previously worked as a plant mechanic for plumbing & heating technology, and as a product manager. In this newly created position, Mr Fink reports to Ute Klümper, who has been responsible for product and project

management at CONTI+ since May 2016.

CONTI+ Michael Fink

37-year-old Michael Fink is the newest member of the CONTI+ product management team.
Photos | Copyright: private

The customer service department of the specialist hygiene company has also been strengthened: since August 2020, Patrick Henss has been a member of the CONTI+ customer service team. The 31-year-old office administrator already has experience in dealing with customers through his previous positions both in-house and as a sales rep, and now supports the team that is headed by Carsten Pohl

CONTI+ Patrick Henss

Patrick Henss has been supporting the CONTI+ customer service department since August 2020.
Photos | Copyright: CONTI+

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Is now the time to reconsider sensor faucets for your home?

Often a pre-requisite in public buildings throughout the world, the sensor, or infrared controlled faucet is often used in washrooms where building managers are looking to minimise the need for constant cleaning or are looking to meet sustainability goals through the reduction in water usage.

But how about in our homes, has the pandemic made us all think more about how we keep our

spaces hygienically clean?

CONTI+ lumino faucet

Who might benefit from the installation of sensor faucets in their home?

Actually many different people could enjoy the benefits of sensor controlled faucets. Maybe you’re living in a multi-generational home where you don’t want to worry about faucets being left running. If you’re a self builder looking to reduce the impact of your home on the environment with the faucet only running when you need it.

For people who suffer from limited motor skills or arthritis the function of operating the faucet suddenly becomes simple, just by placing your hands under the spout the water will run with the chance to make simple temperature adjustments.

Enthusiastic home bakers can enjoy the ease of a kitchen faucet which will remain clean even with the most sticky of hands.

Plus, of course, as we welcome limited guests to our homes, a downstairs cloakroom can be kept hygienically clean without the danger of contamination for you or your guests.

How easy are they to fit? Can they be retrofitted into existing kitchens and bathrooms?

Our sensor faucets are extremely easy to install, no special skills are required other than connecting a hot and cold water supply. A retro fit to remove and replace existing traditional taps can be completed with ease. No requirement for mains electricity is necessary as many of the CONTI+ faucets are available as a battery version with an extraordinary 4 year life expectancy on the batteries due to its unique and patented technology (based on a user turning the tap on up to 150 times a day).

CONTI+ ultra wall faucet for private use

What other benefits are there from sensor controlled faucets?

CONTI+ faucets save water

By using a sensor controlled faucet in the home a significant saving on water costs can be found as you only use the water you need. Typically this saving can achieve up to 70% compared to manually controlled faucets.

CONTI+ H10 kitchen faucet for private use

For the kitchen, you could also consider a unique product that combines a traditional lever product, for day to day conventional use, with a built in close proximity sensor which provides the perfect solution for messy hands. No more touching the tap and transferring bacteria from chicken or fish just to wash your hands. Simply activate the flow with the sensor and wash in a hygienic way. Perfect for children when they are muddy or covered in paint or even adults when working in the garden or on a car.

For architects working on residential projects can sensor taps help towards their BREEAM rating?

CONTI+ sensor faucets can achieve the 5 credits, the maximum available in BREEAM. Even with a low flow rate the performance is not compromised but delivers a jet spray on demand.

Ultimately, the installation of infrared sensor controlled faucets is a personal decision which has become more topical as we focus more on hygiene yet the benefits of sensor controlled faucets stretch way further than reducing contamination, as they also give easy control to both elderly and young children while respecting our precious resources through the use of less water.

Share your thoughts on sensor controlled faucets, is it something you would now consider for your home?

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