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NEW! CONTI+ Service App
New partner in Holland
Installation/maintenance videos CONTI+ lino
NEW! Hygiene & disinfection brochure
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CONBASE showers

Installation- and maintenance videos

BJÖRK Desinfektionsmittelspender AKTION

The installation and maintenance of electronic faucets has never been easier. In many new videos we explain how to do it, step by step.

You will find helpful explanatory videos on our YouTube channel.

CONTI+ Service APP

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Professional on-site management for faucets, showers and urinals - wireless & intuitive

The CONTI+ Service APP enables advanced, wireless management of CONTI+ electronic fittings on site.

Used in conjunction with the CONTI+ BLE Converter, secure communication is established via Bluetooth® between the fitting and the control device (e.g. smartphone or tablet). Thanks to the user friendly and intuitive CONTI+ Service APP interface, fittings can be identified and selected for very straightforward management, programming and data readings. The app software guides users systematically and logically through all menu items and features so that they can program sanitary rinses, check and set water running times, optimise sensor ranges, save settings and usage data, and more – wirelessly, easily, intelligently and securely.

The CONTI+ Service APP offers double security: users not only need a password to log in, but can also be assigned specific permissions.


The CONTI+ BLE Converter is installed between the electronics and the power supply for each fitting – simply and without any tools.

The CONTI+ BLE Converter functions as a Bluetooth® transmitter and receiver for a single fitting. It can remain permanently installed on the respective fitting or be used as a “mobile unit” to temporarily connect to another fitting.

CONTI+ Service App Installation


Display and analysis for each fitting

  • Battery status
  • Hours of operation
  • Number of times used
  • Water consumption
  • Number of sanitary rinses
  • Max. water temperature (only in special cases)

  • Parameter settings for each fitting

  • Water running time & run-on time
  • Filling mode & cleaning stop
  • Sanitary rinse mode & runtime
  • Restart delay
  • Sensor range levels
  • Installation location information
  • Demand-dependent sanitary rinse triggered at intervals
  • Max. water running time (safety switch-off)
  • Water consumption calculation information
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    CONTI+ Service App

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    NEW: Online seminars

    CONTI+ Online Seminare

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    Digitization is advancing and making knowledge transfer faster and easier. With our online seminars you are well informed. The first appointment dates for our online courses will be online shortly.
    If you are unable to attend, you can also watch the seminar on video. You will not miss any important information from CONTI+. Be always up to date with our online seminars.

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