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Maximum safety for hands and surfaces

CONTI+ oXanTM disinfectant

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Hands and surfaces of tools and components as well as working and storage surfaces are sprayed with or can be immersed in CONTI+ oXan clean in order to prevent the spread of germs via contact surfaces during installation and maintenance (surface hygiene). CONTI+ oXan fresh is used to disinfect entire rooms or even air conditioning systems by means of cold air nebulisation, thereby counteracting germs and odours (room hygiene). CONTI+ oXan prime, meanwhile, is designed specifically for disinfecting swimming pool filters.

In addition to CONTI+ oXan clean the Wettenberg-based faucet manufacturer has expanded its range to include another three disinfection solutions; CONTI+ oXan zero, CONTI+ oXan fresh, CONTI+ oXan prime.

Maximum safety for drinking water installations with CONTI+ oXan zero

We have extended its comprehensive hygiene concept to include its own disinfection solutions: CONTI+ oXan zero offers installers, operators and local authorities maximum safety for their drinking water systems. This environmentally compatible and non-toxic sodium hypochlorite solution can be used to disinfect all drinking water installations in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance [Germany]. CONTI+ oXan zero is suitable for disinfecting both cold and hot water installation lines and entire systems, as it complies with DVGW Codes of Practice W 556 and W 557. The pH-neutral disinfection solution kills off germs and bacteria without leaving a residue and removes biofilm. What's more, CONTI+ oXan zero has fungicidal, virucidal, sporicidal and algicidal properties. The bactericidal effect is based on oxidation; the environmentally friendly biocide breaks down into the harmless components sodium chloride and water. This mode of action virtually rules out the development of resistance. Another advantage is that the agent can be used for disinfection while drinking water installations are in operation, with hardly any impact on use.

Preventive, permanent and acute: CONTI+ oXan

No matter when drinking water systems need disinfection, CONTI+ oXan zero ensures hygienic drinking water without microbiological contamination. Andreas Kregler, Managing Director of CONTI Sanitärarmaturen GmbH, states: "The topic of hygiene – especially drinking water hygiene – is becoming more important every day. By launching our own CONTI+ oXan disinfectants, we are taking the logical next step towards enhancing our comprehensive hygiene concept, which covers all phases: preventive with regard to the design, construction and commissioning of washrooms, permanent in ongoing operation to ensure drinking water quality, and acute in relation to the rehabilitation of drinking water systems."

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CONTI+ oXan disinfection

CONTI+ oXanTM zero drinking water disinfection

CONTI+ oXanTM hand and surface disinfection

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